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Yate Rugby School Network


Yate Rugby Academy Schools Network is a partnership between Yate Rugby Club and several local schools in the area. The aim of the network is to promote rugby as a sport and a life skill for young people, and to provide them with opportunities to develop their talents and potential. The network supports teachers and staff with training and resources to deliver rugby in the curriculum and beyond. 

We are really pleased to have welcomed several schools to the network already, here is what the schools have said about working alongside Yate Rugby Academy:


Testimonial from Steve Revett – teacher at Yate Academy 

"I am writing this testimonial to express my gratitude and appreciation for the Yate Rugby Academy and their schools network program. As a head of PE for Yate Academy we are proud to be the first member of their school’s network which aims to support the development of children’s rugby, I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact that the Rugby academy has had on our students.  

The Yate Rugby Academy is a professional and well-organized team that offers high-skilled coaching, mentoring, and education for young rugby players. The academy staff are passionate, knowledgeable, and supportive, and they work closely with the schools to ensure that the students receive the best possible opportunities and guidance.   

The school’s network is a valuable and rewarding partnership that allows us to share best practices, resources, and as the network group I know we will benefit from experiences with other schools that are involved in rugby development. I loved how Yate Rugby academy positioned the culture of their club being Pride, Positivity & Progression.  I got to witness firsthand the coaches who delivered this lived culture, as they developed our Year 7 and 8 students this year.  The network aims also fosters a sense of camaraderie, collaboration, and friendly rivalry among the schools, which enhances the motivation and enjoyment of the students.   

As a result of being part of the Yate Rugby Academy and their new school’s network, our students have improved their skills, confidence, and fitness levels.    

I would highly recommend the Yate Rugby Academy and being part their school’s network to any school that wants to enhance their rugby provision and their students' outcomes. The academy and the network are not only a great asset for rugby development. 

I can't wait to see our partnership grow and develop over the years."


 Testimonial from James Allen – teacher at Chipping Sodbury 

"Rugby and the community are both very important to me. My main priority as the Head of PE is working collaboratively with the local community, in order to offer our students greater access to high quality sports. The more our pupils can access, the better.  Having discussed the partnership, I feel it is a great way to develop a community feel for the game, where the children’s enjoyment and fun is front and centre.  The Yate Rugby Academy’s Core values are in line with our school values of Integrity, respect and responsibility, and those that I believe firmly in.   We are a couple of sessions in now, and we are having a great experience. The pupils are really enjoying the coaching, and I can’t wait to see were this partnership goes."  


 Testimonial from Josh, Founder of First Sports Coaching. 

“This partnership just makes sense to us.  As a Sports service provider we want to give children access to as many sports as possible and to actively engage children in sports development.  The Yate Rugby Academy’s core values of Pride, Positivity and Progression, just dovetails into what we are about.  I can’t wait to see our partnership grow and have you guys in to support our holiday camps, and help us develop as coaches, Tag Rugby is a great sport to develop for young children, so very excited about where we can take this…I think I have this right #UpTheYate.” 


Testimonial from Mrs Parry, Head of PE for Brimsham Green School. 

“The impact of Yate rugby academy on Brimsham Green School rugby has been tremendous. Although early on in our engagement the academy/network provides expert coaching, for our students and our teachers, demonstrating some of the new laws and how best to coach them. The positive impact the has academy has had, has led to engagement of girls into the sport of rugby, which is great to see…Rugby is a sport for all. We get to see up front the culture of the club, living their values of PRIDE, POSITIVITY and PROGRESSION.  Yate Rugby Academy is a shining example of how sport can inspire and transform young lives and long may our partnership continue”. 


 Feedback received from Jake Ellis - Community Rugby Manager at Bristol Bears Community Foundation

“It’s fantastic to hear how Yate Rugby Academy are supporting local secondary schools by providing a positive place to enjoy the game of Rugby Union.  

At Bristol Bears Community Foundation, we have the vision to grow the community game and provide opportunities for club, player and coach development. It is positive to see how Yate Rugby Academy are aligned with this vision by becoming part of our Club Connexion programme. The club's proactive approach to increasing community engagement within the sport is commendable and we look forward to supporting the Academy on their journey”.  


Yate Outdoor Sports Complex, Broad Lane, Yate BS37 7LB



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